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Sunday 16th April 2023, 11am to 4pm.

Boat Services


Our goal is to make it possible for you to walk out to your boat, put the keys in, and just go. We don’t want you to have to worry about how the boat looks, or if you need to do time-consuming checks to make sure it will run or, if barnacles are under the surface causing issues. Our boat detailing and scheduled boat washing services as well as our unique preventative maintenance plans are designed to take the headache out of boat ownership.

We will work with you to determine exactly what your boat needs, and how often you want our services. There are many options available to keep your boat in the best condition, help you maintain the value of your boat, and make sure you get the most possible time and enjoyment out of your boat. After all, isn’t that what the boat life is about?


For the ultimate in peace of mind, we offer customised preventative maintenance plans for boat owners. Instead of waiting for issues to ruin your day on the water and then addressing them afterwards, you can have us regularly inspect your vessel from bow to stern, ensuring that systems are properly maintained and identifying potential service issues before they arise. Just turn the key and go; leave the rest up to us.

Plans can be tailored to your needs. We can maintain certain systems and areas — your engine room, for example — or your entire boat. We can also visit your boat on a monthly basis or at longer intervals.

During each scheduled inspection, we complete a detailed checklist. If minor issues are encountered — a low fluid level, for example, or a discharged battery — we address them on the spot. We note more extensive issues in a complete report with photos (if possible) and, if requested, provide you with a quote for repair.

Preventative maintenance costs vary with the size, age, and other characteristics of your vessel. We would be pleased to visit your vessel and provide you with a personalised quote.


Have you ever had those weekends when you go out to your boat intending to enjoy some fun in the sun only to realise that you have to spend several hours in that hot sun washing your boat?

Let us handle that chore for you. We wash the boat with soap and water to remove damaging saltwater and contaminants, and then dry it. We also wash the hull that is reachable from the top of the boat.

Several options are available for monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly washes to fit your needs. Your boat is supposed to be a source of enjoyment. We’ll make sure that you never have to worry about having a great looking boat when you want to get out on the water.


Need a little more to get that sparkle back? Call us for an estimate on a full-service boat detailing. Detailing includes everything in the regular wash, but we give more focus to specific areas, including stain/mold removal, detailing the compartments, rust removal, and more! Detailing also includes added attention to the exterior of your boat.

We do a thorough visual inspection, compound the boat as necessary, then wax the boat to bring the shine back to life. Regular detailing ensures the life of your hull and paint, and just like with a car, maintaining the outside of the boat helps retain value.

This is service is ideal if you have just bought a used boat or are looking to get your boat “sale ready”.


Barnacles, algae, and other marine growth are a major issue for boats. They create wear and tear, not only cosmetically, but mechanically on your boat. They increase engine temperatures and reduce fuel range. We can tailor a plan to scrub the hull of you boat on a monthly basis and keep the invaders at bay.

One of our divers gets into the water to remove barnacles from your props, change anodes, scrape your hull, advise you on the condition of your bottom paint, and report any other potential issues we see. Just one more thing you shouldn’t have to worry about when you want to enjoy your boat. We want you to be able to put the keys in and go!

For further details contact us on 1300 818 633.