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Why you should consider a boating syndication with t|d...

  • Walk on Walk Off Service
  • Stress Free Recreational Time
  • A Great Way To Entertain
  • Brand New Boat
  • All Inclusive Outgoings*
  • Private Use Only
  • Sell Your Share Anytime
  • Equitable & Limited Shares

How does it work?

  • Each boat has a limited amount of shares available, however you can purchase more than one share.
  • The ownership term is 5 years, at the end of 5 years the boat will be sold and each owner will receive their share of the resale value minus costs
  • You can sell your share at anytime during the 5 year term
  • Your time aboard is managed by an online booking system which allows equal time for all owners
  • We will never allow anyone other than registered owners to use your boat, so no AirBnb guest or private charters.

What do my outgoings cover?

  • Mechanical Maintenance, Annual Antifoul & PropSpeed, Common Fund Contribution, Registration, Berthing, Insurance, Cleaning and Polishing

What about fuel?

  • Each owner is to return the boat with a full tank of fuel

Available Syndications


“Milano” is the first vessel in our syndication fleet.
1/10th Shares are now available for purchase in this beautiful Italian Sports Cruiser


1/10 Share + OutgoingsĀ 

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